Travel diaries: Paris


Paris was the last stop of my 6-week trip, which included twelve different cities, and I’m glad I got to end the trip in an incredible place. The first time I visited Paris, I was only there for two days on my way to Lyon to visit family so it was great to be there for much longer this time and truly take in what the city had to offer. I really loved just walking around the different areas surrounded by incredible architecture and cute cafes. And the fact that the weather was absolutely perfect, as it was first week of September and it was just starting to cool down, just made it that much better.

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Travel Diaries: Zurich


Zurich’s breath-taking landscapes and medieval architecture left a lasting impression and was definitely one of my trip’s highlights. This German-speaking part of Switzerland has a lot to offer and the two days I was there was definitely not enough to experience all Zurich had to offer. That said, I’m glad I got a taste of this amazing (and expensive!) city.

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Dubai Diaries: Galleries night at Al Serkal Avenue


Last Thursday I attended the Galleries Night at Al Serkal Avenue here in Dubai which is a pretty cool hidden gem in Dubai that consists of a series of warehouse lots that are each a gallery showcasing local talents from paintings to clothes and much more. It was great seeing so many creative people come together and view what Dubai’s local artists had to offer.

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Travel Diaries: Armenia – April 24th Centennial


I was very fortunate to be able to attend this year’s April 24th commemorations in Armenia as it marked 100 years since the Armenian Genocide. Ofcourse every year we remember and commemorate our ancestors, but this year was a very different experience to me. Not only because it was the centennial but actually being in Armenia had a completely different feel than any other year. People were all there united under the same cause and the city was alive with the armenian diaspora visiting from all across the world. Highlights included visiting the April 24th memorial, System of a down free concert, and seeing old friends and meeting new ones from across the world.

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Travel Diaries: Kuala Lumpur


Stopping over in Malaysia on my way to Australia from Dubai last January was a great little getaway and a chance for me to see my dear friend Christina who was working there. She was a great tour guide and it definitely wouldn’t have had been the same if I didn’t have a local showing me around. Some of the places we went to in the short 3-day trip were the Thean Hou Temple, the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, the observatory and revolving restaurant on top of KL tower and a lot more.
PS. how amazing was my hotel room view?

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Travel diaries – Lorne


Last week, we had a mini beach getaway to Lorne with a group of friends. We had booked and planned this a month or two in advance so we couldn’t predict the weather but luckily, we got the perfect weather that weekend. It’s a great spot to relax, unwind, catch some rays and leave your worries two and a half hours away. It’s a great destination for some sightseeing along the great ocean road, hiking up to a few waterfalls (we went to the Erskine falls) or just discovering this small yet lively beach town.

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