Travel Diaries: Zurich


Zurich’s breath-taking landscapes and medieval architecture left a lasting impression and was definitely one of my trip’s highlights. This German-speaking part of Switzerland has a lot to offer and the two days I was there was definitely not enough to experience all Zurich had to offer. That said, I’m glad I got a taste of this amazing (and expensive!) city.


Zurich is a beautiful city filled with beautiful buildings, streets, squares and parks. But if you have time try to go outside the city to discover some astonishing natural sites; maybe even a day trip to the mountain peaks nearby.

Grossmunster, Fraumunster, and Wasserkirche: (Photos 3 – 4) The trinity of churches make up Zurich’s main landmarks. They are located in close proximity to each other and it’s a great area to stroll through and take in the city’s charm.

Uetliberg: (Photos 5 -8) Taking a train from the main station up 450 meters over the city, you can walk to the lookout on Uetliberg (only costs 2 euros), which is one of the best ways to experience the magnificent views over Zurich.


There are shops all over the city from luxury boutiques to souvenir stores. For a quick browse you can check out the underground shopping center in the main railway station but I suggest walking around especially in the two areas mentioned below. Also keep in mind, like most European cities, shops are mostly closed on Sundays.

Bahnhofstrass: One of the main streets off the main railway station famous for its jewellery, watches, and luxury boutiques. Orell Fussli, Zurich’s biggest English bookshop, is also worth a visit for any book lovers. There’s a great selection of local Swiss translated books as well.

Limmatquai: The promenade on the Limmat river, below the Grossmunster, has plenty of boutiques and cafes to check out. Some of the stores are connected to the parallel street in Old Town, which leads to even more stores and restaurants.


Venture out into the small narrow streets of Old Town where you can find plenty of different restaurants from Swiss to Italian to German and more.

Fondue and Raclette: These Swiss specialties originate from the French-speaking areas of Switzerland but non-the-less many restaurants in Zurich offer them. They’re a must try, especially with a bottle of local wine.

Chocolate: Pretty self-explanatory but Swiss chocolates are an absolute must try and they’re great gifts to family or friends when you get back.

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