FASHION SHOW: VAMFF National Showcase


Personally, I think the National Graduate Show each year is the most exciting show. Talented graduates from RMIT (Melbourne) and UTS (Sydney) get to showcase their creations in an influential fashion festival and it is a treat for everyone attending to get to experience their debut. The new designers this year included: LAUREN ACCIARITO (RMIT), DONALD CHUNG (UTS), ERICA DELUNCHI (UTS), MONICA DUGGAN (UTS), VANESSA EMIRIAN (UTS), FELICITY GLEESON (UTS), NATALIE KIELEITHNER (RMIT), ALEXANDRA LOUISE CHAMPION HACKETT (RMIT), MEGAN MCGRATH (UTS), SOFIE THE (UTS), APRIL YAP (UTS), RACHEL ZHENG (UTS).

IMG_5550 IMG_5580 IMG_5711 IMG_5713 IMG_5737 IMG_5742 IMG_5778 IMG_5780 IMG_5830 IMG_5868 IMG_5886 IMG_5897 IMG_5909 IMG_5959 IMG_5972 IMG_5983 IMG_6071 IMG_6018 IMG_6117 IMG_6134 IMG_6162 IMG_6176 IMG_6198 IMG_6232IMG_6244IMG_6332

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