OUTFIT POST: VAMFF Graduate showcase


Colour; I don’t wear it often, but I do like the concept of it. I love the fact that wearing something bright and colourful adds a little bit of joy and playfulness to your mood, and even to others around you. Fashion week is the perfect way to experiment with colour as there are absolutely no restrictions and it’s the perfect playground to mix and match and wear something you normally wouldn’t. Not that what I wore was too out there but for someone who feels more comfortable with monotones and the classic black and whites, I felt like stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something different.
Also I was featured on this week’s Sunday Age wearing this outfit next to the CEO of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Week, Graeme Lewsey.

IMG_5220 IMG_5102


IMG_5160 IMG_5210 IMG_5115 IMG_5177

Skirt: Bardot / Crop top: Bardot / Shoes: Novo

One thought on “OUTFIT POST: VAMFF Graduate showcase

  1. In this modern era of fashion and style, everyone likes the unique concepts about fashion and clothing. In this post, you are looking just stunning in this awesome incomparable outfit and I also like the pictures in where your appearance is too much gorgeous…. You look in this rosy tops and light green short skirt is really outstanding. You always try to provide as effective and uncommon ideas about fashion and style and this is very helpful for a fashion fascinated woman. A fashion fascinated woman should follow your blogs regularly to gather more and more workable information about unique and the latest fashion trends and clothing. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of informative and interesting post with us…


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