Four Chefs at Ms Collins

daniel wilson sevenautumnleaves

Last night Ms Collins hosted an exquisite private dinner showcasing some of Melbourne’s greatest chefs who had put together a delightful menu for us to enjoy. The four chefs included Jacques Reymond, Daniel Wilson (from Huxtable and Huxtaburger), Paul Wilson (from Icebergs) and Riccardo Momesso (from Valentino)

The guests were treated with an extensive array of delectable food, two selections from each chef, paired with suitable drinks to compliment each dish.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet wonderful people and eat amazing food in such a beautiful venue.

Make sure you try the Ms Collins menu next time you’re there, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all!

Ms collins sevenautumnleaves

ms collins sevenautumnleaves2

ms collins sevenautumnleaves7ms collins sevenautumnleaves5

ms collins sevenautumnleaves8

the trendspotter sevenautumnleaves

ms collins sevenautumnleaves6

ms collins sevenautumnleaves3

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