H&M Launch in Australia

H&M finally launches in Australia and Melbourne throws a big celeb-filled party at one of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne, the home of the new H&M store.

The launch at the GPO last night was an event to remember with celebrities such as Chris Lilley, Michael and Lindy Klim, Nikki Philips, Zac and Jordan Stenmank, Drew and Tully from Big Brother, Hugh Sheridan and others attended, while the Californian sister trio HAIM rocked the stage with their DJ-ing skills. Attendees also included fashion bloggers such as Elle and Tash from Theyallhateus, Micah and Jesse from Controlcreative, Jess and Stef from Howtwolive, Connie from Kisforkani, Phoebe from Ladymelbourne, Jess from Whatwouldkarldo and many many more.

On top of the flowing cocktails, champagne and canapes, guests were given a treat of 20% off on all purchases; so naturally I ended up buying a few too many pieces including the hat you see in one of the photos below.

H&M officially opens its doors to the public on Saturday 5th of April at 10am.


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