Travel diary: Armenia winter 2014 part 1

Well I’m back from my week long trip in Armenia where I got to see the motherland in winter, which I had never experienced before. Another first was seeing snow in general; I got to really experience it and enjoy it the whole week especially on the day we went to a place called Tsakhkatzor just outside the capital of Yerevan. Riding on the cableway we got to see the most spectacular view of the nearby snowy mountains and people skiing or snowboarding. In the next post I’ll show you a few of the other highlights from the trip but hope you like these shots from Tsakhkatzor!

While I’m sharing a piece of Armenia with you, here’s a link to an armenian pop song that my cousin kept playing while we were there. It aggravated me since he used to constantly play it on repeat but now it just reminds me our trip so hope you enjoy it!

Coat: American Eagle / Scarf: Zara / Gloves: Portmans / Sunglasses: Prada


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