How to wear white dresses in winter

If you’re anything like me, you would be loving the white trend lately. Whether it’s a summery casual white dress, a party dress, or a gorgeous designer cocktail dress, there is something so classy, fresh and sophisticated about a white dress. And ofcourse the fact that it’s white means it goes with absolutely any colour, which is great for accessorizing and picking handbags and shoes. In winter though, it can be quite difficult to wear a white dress when it’s freezing out! I found a few ways around this; to keep warm but also not jeopardize the style you want to convey with a white dress. Here are a few photos demonstrating key ways of wearing a white dress in winter

White dress + jacket 

A jacket is the simplest solution ofcourse, but the choice of jacket is key. Pick a denim or leather jacket for a cool vibe or if you want to keep your look casual. If you want to achieve a dressier look, opt for a jacket with a print perhaps; a white dress is the perfect blank canvas to introduce a print or even a pop of colour to the mix.
White dress + coat
For those days that are just way too cold, go for an oversized jacket for a casual look and a gorgeous coat if you’re in a dressy mood.
White dress + accessories
If the dress happens to have a long sleeve, or the jacket isn’t enough, you can always stay warm by wearing stockings and high boots. Add a scarf as well if needed!
 My picks for white dresses would be:


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