Zara media preview

Ever since Zara arrived in Australia in April of 2011, Melbournians have fallen in love with this Spanish retailer. Yesterday, the wait was finally over for Chadstone goers as Zara launched its second store in Melbourne, the fourth in Australia, at the fashion capital. At 8:30am we were kindly greeted by some of the PR members and a coffee station with some yummy treats. We then went on to have a tour of each collection in the entire store, which was very informative and interesting. 
The media preview was very organized and the store looked absolutely amazing with lots of free space for Zara’s many customers to roam freely. The spacious layout came in handy when they opened the doors to the public at 9:30. 
I fell in love with so many of the pieces but had to fight temptation as I was going to class right after. There were a few pieces that were actually exclusive to Chadstone’s new store so go get your picks before they’re all gone!
 The collections featured many of the popular trends like pastels, prints, neons and studs, as well as classic pieces like blazers, coats and dresses.
It was a pleasure spending the morning with the lovely bloggers Jess (What would karl do), Cecylia (Cecylia), Connie (K is for Kani), and Alice from (Catwalk of words).
Check out my facebook page for more photos from this event. 


2 thoughts on “Zara media preview

  1. Hi Sevan! This post was very interesting. Just wondered if you could help me. I am interested in attending media launches for new brands, concept stores, boutiques etc… Is there a group I need to join to keep in the loop? How did you find out about the Zara launch?
    Thanks for your help!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey


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