Wish collection preview: Mistaken for strangers

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending another Wish collection preview, this time held at Fashion Lounge in the CBD. I encountered Stacy as I arrived to the venue, then we ventured on inside to be greeted by the lovely Madeline and Rosemary from the Wish team. The collection was full of vibrant colours and prints that were absolutely stunning. My favourite pieces that stood out were definitely the Audacious Top in nude or magenta, and the Wayfarer Kimono.

We got to meet a lot of new faces from the Wish team as well as catch up with the blogger bunch like Anastasia, Twee, Sophie, Stacy, Esther and Rahel. I even got a birthday present from the gorgeous sisters Esther and Rachel which was a Paris themed fragrance reed diffuser and a gorgeous framed illustration by my new favourite illustrator Esther.

We also got to meet the beautiful model/DJ Christine, aka miss nine, who was really nice and took the time to take lots of photos with us. Wished I could’ve stayed longer to see her perform as well!

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