RMK me baby

So winter just arrived and I’m not happy about not traveling this winter like I always do. But if it’s going to be this sunny and beautiful like it’s been the past few days I can handle the chilly weather. (I know that’s impossible with unpredictable Melbourne weather, but a girl can dream)
In other news, I am officially an interior designer now! so if anyone has an freelance interior design job for me, I’m your gal.
I had my last submission yesterday and then had the pleasure of attending ‘trapped in a zoo’ event with a few of my favourite blogger friends. But more about that in the next post; can’t wait to share the DIY feather skirt I wore to the event.

Now onto the outfit post, I bought these RMK babies last week (those of you who follow me on instagram and fb already saw them)
I’ve had my eye on them for a while and when I saw it was on sale online I had to jump to the occasion before my size got sold out.

Coat: H&M; Pants: Zara; White tee: Supre; Black tank top: River island; Scarf: boutique in Dubai;
Shoes: RMK online; Bag: Warehouse; Bracelets: Sportgirl, Asos, Cotton on, E-bay; Rings: Lovisa, E-bay;
Necklace: one of my designs

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